Wednesday, June 13

Things Creep Along

First, today's progress on the Hardanger project:

I'm quite pleased with the way this is going. It's a bit larger scale (25-ct fabric and perle #5) than I would eventually like to work, but it's still going to be an attractive piece, I think.
Second, and you knew you couldn't avoid it, is progress on The Sock. I think I've got a solution of sorts on the increases, o happy day! It's not perfect, by any means, but I can live with it.

And finally, I'm possibly speaking too soon, but it looks like our normal monsoon rainy season just might be setting in! Under "normal" conditions, the rain comes every afternoon around 4 PM. It'll rain about an inch, then clear off again, leaving the air cool and clean smelling for the evening.
The past three days, however, it has rained just around noon-time, leaving the afternoon steamy. However, steam is greatly preferred to dust. We need every drop of rain we can possibly get, regardless!
Eye candy tomorrow!

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