Tuesday, June 12

Change of Pace

So far, it seems about all I've talked about is knitting and weather. I thought it was about time to change the subject a bit, at least for a moment.

Vera Stoll is a very nice German lady who designs Hardanger embroidery, and will be starting a web-site to teach it (in German and English, I think) this Fall. In May and June, she has had designs published in "The Gift of Stitching" e-zine, and last week started a group on Yahoo to do a stitch-along/class using those two designs, plus a third freebie she's made available to the group. I'm sure she'd welcome anyone, subscriber to the magazine or not, to the group.

All this background is to introduce today's photo, which is the start of my piece. I have done Hardanger before, but I am completely self-taught, and the opportunity to have my work critiqued by a pro, for FREE, is too much to resist! There's a picture of the finished design on the front page of the Yahoo group - it's the one on the lower right.

Tomorrow you can have a sock update. It hasn't advanced appreciably, but that's because I've been spending all my time at the frog pond. It's a bit further along than it was the last time you saw it, but it's been frogged twice since then, and re-knit.

I found out today that I'll be receiving a few skeins of hand-dyed silk ribbons for embroidery, probably this Thursday, so there's eye candy to look forward to!

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