Thursday, June 14

As Promised

First up is Day 3's progress on the Hardanger SAL - it's coming together quite nicely!

And now, the promised silk ribbons!

This is seven of the ten, the other three being duplicates of the present colors, but in the 4mm width, instead of the 7mm. For scale, the greenish in the lower left is 4mm, all the others are 7mm. The color names are "Victorian Rose", "Cinnabar Crimson", "Daffodil", "Spring Green", "Bronze Green", "Tiffany Blue", and "Victorian Lilac". And your eyes are not playing tricks on you - all of these colors are variegated, some to a greater degree than others, and are even more beautiful in RL than they are in this pic. They also feel soooo good! Soft and slinky and smoooooth. Just yummy! You *are* going to see these again.
In the same shipment came a small chunk of fabric - royal blue silk, seriously slubbed, and to die for! Crazy quilting material, for sure.
Have I mentioned that I have this seriously lustful thing for silk? I think it must harken back to my childhood, when I had a really seriously bad, as in major second degree, sunburn. Even 600 threads to the inch pima cotton percale was just too scratchy to be borne. My mother, in a rare fit of maternal sacrifice, gave up a beautiful 2 yard length of 45" wide lightweight silk to be a sheet for me, so I could sleep. I have loved silk ever since. If I ever become largely rich, all my sheets will be silk.

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KnitTech said...

Silk is nice. You'll need to show pictures of the blue silk.