Friday, June 22

An Almost Total Eclipse of the Mind-Body Connection

As one ages, one's body is less and less inclined to go along with whatever wild-hair notions the mind comes up with, and add a double-barrelled infirmity on top of it, and one becomes a sloth, for all practical purposes. I am in that condition, at least for the moment, until the infirmity decides it's done doing its thing for the moment, which will happen, sooner or later. In the meantime, I suck down such nostrums as the medical community seems to think will be of assistance, and wait for better days. It's not nearly as bad as the siege of two years ago, when I was reduced to eating with a plastic spoon, as anything more substantial brought with it the probability of doing major physical damage to myself and my surroundings. There has been, in the past few days, some pretty "odd" stitching, though, let me tell you! Fortunately, though, nothing that couldn't be fixed occurred.

Since needlework has been curtailed, I've been reading blogs like mad, and also the incredible amounts of mail that the Mystery Stole 3 (see the button? It's still open for new members until July 6th. There are close to 3,000 of us now!) has been generating. I'm really looking forward to this project, as it reduces the number of sharp pointy ends to only two, and the yarn, while gossamer, is also quite sturdy. (I'm using Jaggerspun Zephyr lace-weight, which is 50/50 merino wool and silk - no picture yet, as the yarn hasn't yet graced my mailbox, though it's on the way.)

I'm in the process of doing the finishing on one of the models I'm stitching. It's going slowly because I want it to look really great, which means I have to work very methodically. Perhaps I will soon be able to post a picture.

Progress on the sock has been minimal, as six skinny sticks with a total of 12 sharp pointy ends are just a bit more than I can deal with at the moment.

Here is the progress on the Hardanger for Day 4. I know it's been many more days than one since the last picture, but this work was actually advanced just this much from Day 3 in one day. I've been hoarding the picture. Clicking it will take you to a much better version of it.

And this last bit is for Knit Tech, with lagniappe. The blue in the middle is the silk I mentioned in the "ribbons" post - though the richness of the fabric just won't photograph worth a darn (or at least I can't do it - I'm still learning this camera). The green, likewise; it's another piece of silk I found as an unbelievable bargain. Both are darker and much more intense in color than in the pic. The brocade (and doesn't it go well with the blue silk?) is actually, gasp, polyester, but it still looks and feels goooood. Oddly, it's actually a bit lighter in color, and how this could be in the same photograph, I have no idea.

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Tsarina of Tsocks said...

So - did you take any pictures of the "odd" stitching? These things are blogworthy, you know. Very sorry to hear that you are sub-meteorological - hope it lets up soon, in whatever way these things do let up.

Unless I miss my guess, you will love working with Zephyr, - it's delicious stuff. Though at 2/18 I'd hardly call it "gossamer" any more, now that I've ventured into the deeper waters of 2/24 (Kitri shawl) and even 2/48 (the, um, cone I bought the other day, for which I have some eye-straining heirloom-ish ideas...).