Saturday, May 19

The Baby Sockie

is finished, or at least I'm done messing with it. For one thing, if I frog it any more, the yarn is going to die, I think. I've learned all I can from it, and by the time you read this, in all likelihood the sockie will have undergone its final frog, and the yarn will be rewound onto the ball. I like this yarn too much to waste it on a learning sample. I am still not happy with the short-row business, and need to try yet another approach to it. I *must* be doing something wrong without being aware of it - so I'm going to work on it in a larger scale, and see what comes of it. I also, selfishly, want to be able to document what I come up with when I follow the instructions, before I start "fiddling", as I have done many times on the sockie, to try to fix things, so I can show pictures to my mentor. I absolutely *must* master this short-row technique, because there are too many things out there that use it that I want to knit!

The picture is bluer on my monitor than the actual yarn, which is a lovely heathery green/grey color, but my monitor is screwed up and shows everything bluer than it really is. I hope the true color comes through for you. I meant to put something in the picture to show you the scale of the sockie, but I forgot, and I'm too lazy to set it all up again to take another picture. To give you an idea, the sockie measures 5 1/2" from the front of the toe to the back of the heel, and is 36 stitches in the round. It was knit toe-up on #2 DPNs with Jennifer's Super-Strong-Sock, in Sage Heather, pattern is Tsocks 101 with short-row toe and heel.
A bit of history is in order here, I think, about me. I learned to knit as a kid, many moons ago, but I put my needles down in 1969, when motherhood, with a usually absent (and now ex-) husband, overcame knitting time. I haven't touched them since (though I have been doing other needlework), until about two months ago, when, wandering from blog to blog, I found the Yarn Harlot. Her links have led to some really fantastic people out there in Knitopia, and I'm really glad to be meeting them and renewing my acquaintance with knitting.

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Tsarina of Tsocks said...

Wow, your knitting hiatus was even longer than mine - way longer. Funny, it seems to me that motherhood was a rekindler of knitting, rather than an extinguisher - at least in my mother's case. Go figure.

Far as I can tell at this resolution (I did look at the bigger pic), Baby Sockie looks pretty good to me (color is accurate, too, which ain't easy with greens). What makes you think there's anything wrong? The shape is good, and I don't see any gaps, so what's not to love?