Saturday, November 3

I Am A Knitter!

A real Knitter, with a capital "K"! It happened this way...

I have been working on the 'practice sock' and tonight got to the turning of the heel. As the wrestling match with the beast proceeded, my language went from calm to beseeching to threatening to downright profane, on the last row when I discovered that I had managed to drop 4 stitches from one of the two needles on the instep side of the sock, while trying to pick up the 'fill the gap stitch' on the last wrapped stitch. After I succeeded in getting that 'gap stitch' made, and all the dropped stitches picked up (one of them had run down 5 rows), the language became completely triumphant.

At this point, my dear son, sitting in his chair, beside mine, and trying to watch the sports portion of the 11 o'clock news, and having absolutely no idea of the utterly cosmic connotations of the question, asked me:

"Do you enjoy talking to your sock?"


Tsarina of Tsocks said...

Well, of course you do. Doesn't everybody?

(I'm picturing a variant on "talk to the hand"....)

Meredith said...

Oh, the poor muggles just don't understand, do they?

KnitTech said...

Oh yeah, I swear at my knitting while working on it. When finished, I hold it out and say, it wasn't that bad. Hubby shakes his head.