Tuesday, October 30

Paging King Canute

I'd show you a picture of today's northeaster, but you already know what a windy, overcast, soggy day looks like - and besides, I didn't take any. This one is, as usual, producing quite a bit of beach erosion, and on tonight's news was a story about some people whose homes are in danger of becoming history, as the sand dunes on which they are built have mostly disappeared into the great maw of the Atlantic. The people are demanding that Something Be Done. All I can think of is "Dumbasses, don't build on sand dunes!" You'd think that something this basic would be obvious, but... they want to live on the shore, so reality must give way, and natural processes must cease operation.

Sorry, people, but Not Gonna Happen. We've spent over a billion dollars in the First Coast area in the past 10 years on beach replenishment, and it just washes out to sea again. Go build someplace a bit more stable, ok? Like in Nebraska?

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KnitTech said...

It's like here. People buy about a mile away from a dairy farm, then bitch about the smell. Hellooo, McFly!