Monday, May 21

Knitting Onward with Determination

We left our plucky girl knitter at the end of the last slip, wrap, slip, and turn - ready to start knitting the 14 live stitches. In the first picture, that's exactly what's been done, and now we're ready to pick up that first wrapped stitch and knit it.

And here, in picture 2, it is done, and ready to slip, wrap, slip, on the next stitch, then turn the work.

Here in pic#3, that has been done. You can see the working yarn coming out from between the first two stitches on the RN, being held down vertically.

Repeat 12 times, bringing us to pic #4, the end of the last RS row, with one wrapped stitch still remaining at the beginning of this row, and with the two rows from the "set-up" just hanging there in mid-air. This, I suspect, is close to the root of my problem. Up to this point, I think I have done it right.

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Tsarina of Tsocks said...

Indeed you have, if there is such a thing as "right" (don't mean to go all philo-psycho on you, but if there is no "wrong" way how can there be a "right" one?). And meanwhile, behind the scenes, I believe the Man Behind the Curtain has figured out where your earlier dilemma lay. Looking forward to seeing the results of plain sailing in the next entry!